Honoring your life…

Michele Neff Hernandez is the Executive Director of Soaring Spirits International. <www.soaringspirits.org> She was widowed when she was 38 years old. Her husband Phil was riding his bike one morning and was hit by a Suburban. She attended some support groups where most of the people were older and had little in common with her; widowed with young children. She connected with another young widow, a distant relative who was also Michelle but with two L’s, and began talking and giving each other support. Realizing the power of connection Michele decided that she would have a conference for widows and widowers where they could connect and support each other through their losses. Soaring Spirits International and Camp Widow were born over 11 years ago and have served over a million people worldwide since that time.

Meeting Michele and being part of Camp Widow, an in-person and virtual event over three days, made a huge difference in my life. There is something magical about her. She understands loss like no one I have ever met and she embraces life in the most exquisite ways. The quote today is about people we have loved and lost.

Thank you Michele Neff Hernandez. I love you!

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