What happens when you have a free download of your book?

My book, Radical Survivor, was a free download on February 2 and 3. It was downloaded 11,150 times. I checked Amazon about every hour and watched the numbers go up. Each time I held my breath not knowing what to expect but there it was – by the end of the day Sunday 11,150! I was overwhelmed with gladness! Little did i know that this download would stimulate continued interest! The book has now been downloaded over 100 times for the purchase price on Amazon and paperback book sales have also increased.

Another great thing? People are posting reviews of the book on Amazon. 🙂

One person who downloaded the book contacted me for an interview for her radio show. I met Julie on the phone and you can hear the interview  on Book Tour Radio. http://booktourradio.com/radical-survivor/  It was a pleasure talking to Julie – we have a lot in common!

Happy day.

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