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Today. My BFF, Donna. Pikes Peak in the background.

January 28, 2013

Today. My BFF, Donna. Pikes Peak in the background.

Donna and I first became friends when we were in a master’s program at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs in 1976. We met our husbands on the same night in 1979 at a local bar. Now we are in our 60’s and have gone through many of life’s ups and downs. Thank goodness for best friends!

“Perhaps Love” by John Denver

January 27, 2013

I received a note from Kathy after she read “Radical Survivor.” She wrote:  I just finished “Radical Survivor.” I cried, laughed and couldn’t stop reading until I finished your book in one afternoon. Even though this tragedy happened 17 years ago, I feel as though I just experienced your loss through your story – you touched my heart. I’m enclosing the lyrics to John Denver’s “Perhaps Love,” a song I always think of when someone loses a loved one – “the memory of love will see you through.”  The memories of the love you felt for Joel, Adam, and Seth and the love they felt have you have carried you through. Bravo – a great book!


January 26, 2013

From Jenny: I just finished reading this/your book. It was amazing, and very uplifting. I am currently going through a lot with my mom, and this book helped me realize that I need to make the most of he one I have left with my mom.

Thoughts about “Radical Survivor” from Eric

January 25, 2013

Your book, your story, your life, reminded me not only to treasure every moment, but also to reach out to those who are important to me and let them know, over and over again, as needed, how special their role is in my life and heart.

What a friend said about my book…

January 24, 2013

“I read a lot of books. Few leave me breathless. Yours did. It is a story both terrible and beautiful, rendered thoughtfully, reflectively and remarkably. I know this sounds like a back-cover blurb (maybe for 2nd edition!!) but it’s true. That, in fact, is the best description of this book: true. My admiration.”

“Radical Survivor: One Woman’s Path Through Life, Love, and Uncharted Tragedy”

January 24, 2013

The Story Project

January 24, 2013

Watch me tell my story on The Story Project. Hopefully you will laugh, cry, and laugh again.