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Old Photos and Potato Chips

September 30, 2013

My sister-in-law, Tracy, asked me to send her some photos of Joel, his brother Lee, and our sons, Adam and Seth.

Tracy asked me if it made me sad to look through my old photos. I told her that looking at the pictures made me smile and appreciate what I had even though I miss Joel, Adam, and Seth with all of my heart. 

Of course looking at the photos takes my breath away because my boys were so cute! The first two pictures also reminded me of why I like potato chips so much…

Take a look for yourself — I think you will agree with me that my boys were cute and that potato chips are delicious and fun to eat.

*Seth is on the left and Adam is on the right in the first two pictures. In the black and white you will see Adam, Lee, Seth and Joel.






Just Say Something

September 20, 2013

I have saved an article from Newsweek, written by Betsy Okonski in 1996, titled “Just Say Something”. Betsy and her husband lost a baby in childbirth. What Okonski wrote was exactly how I thought in 1995 and still do to this day. Here is a quote from the article.

“One of the most helpful things you can do for a bereaved person is to acknowledge the loss. Don’t fear causing pain by bringing it up. It was much more upsetting to me when someone acted like nothing happened. Keep it simple. ‘I’m sorry’ may feel inadequate, but the truth is that there is really nothing you can say that will take the pain away. Sincerely said, ‘I’m sorry’ says that you care, and that’s what is truly needed.”

“Grief lasts a long time….if you have not acknowledged the loss yet, regardless of the reason, do it now. It is never too late.”

On Tuesday of next week it will be 18 years since the plane crash that took the lives of my husband and two sons, Joel, Adam, and Seth Herzog. Thank you to everyone who helps keep my memories alive each day. Thank you to everyone who has said, “I’m sorry” or “I have been thinking of you”.